How I created my own custom and minimal blog using BearBlog.

Why did I choose BearBlog?

Let's get straight to the point, I love minimalism and was in search of something like BearBlog which is minimal, pretty and fast at the same time, I knew about BearBlog since long but was procrastinating on creating my own site. Today, I finally decided to do it and here's how I made this blog ;)

First Steps

The first thing I did was choosing my blog's name, subdomain, believe me BearBlog dashboard is very easy to use even for beginners. You just need to enter a title for homepage, description, choose a subdomain and a cute favicon if you want, and you're good to go!

Creating Pages

One of the first things that caught my eyes was the Nav section where you can add links to your site pages, I added some links like About, Socials. The next thing I did was add content to these pages, I hate 404s :( To create the pages, you just need to click on the Posts section, then simply add the title, content and the subdomain to where you want to direct the page, in my case they were /about & /socials. Make sure you have checked the Publish as Pages box in the end.

Custom Styles

The default BearBlog theme looks good, but I wanted to change colors and some other minor CSS, so I decided to use custom CSS, there's a Styling section in your dashboard for it, Once you're there, just select one of these themes, and copy the URL portion from it's link tag, once you've got it copied, paste it in the Input Box provided in BearBlog. In case you wanna know, the theme I'm using is bamboo, I also tweaked it a bit using the custom styles input provided in BearBlog :)

Finally Done

All of this barely took me 1 hour to do, and the result was pretty awesome, so awesome that it inspired me to write this blog post asap lol. Thanks for reading, see ya in my next blog.

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